再び AMAZONとのカーライフを楽しむこととなったSUNAと仲間達の日々。
40年、50年、そして60年へとVOLVO AMAZONと共に辿るTime Trip。

エンジン分解 異音究明

I went to the workshop in Nakano today to see my Amazon with the spare engine borrowed from Mr. N. The spare engine hadn't been use in quite a while, so oil was gently circulated, the engine oil was flushed, and the cooling system cleaned. At first, there was some water comingout from the water pump, but as the engine started to warm up the water stopped, and the white exhaust disappeared. If I do not over use the engine, I think I can go about now. At the same time, the actual .122 engine was going thru dismantling. The strange noise that the engine had been emitting was indeed the cam gear. The gear is towards the front of the engine and the center part of the gear which is made of Bakelite had started to fall off, making the gear become loose. Since the cam gear is a spiral gear, once the torque goes up, it gets pushed against the engine so the noise goes down, but once the torque goes down, then the gear starts uttering noises. It turned out that the rocker arm was also starting to wear down as well as the piston heads being all black. The blackness of the pistons was very unequally distributed, and is the proof how "sick" the engine was. I will be tied up this week so I will start ordering parts from Sweden and the US next week, asking for advice from Mr N.(Dr. Amazon) and Mr. O (123GT).
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