再び AMAZONとのカーライフを楽しむこととなったSUNAと仲間達の日々。
40年、50年、そして60年へとVOLVO AMAZONと共に辿るTime Trip。


ホテル」のS社長と愛車AMAZON123GTを訪ね、AMAZON談義に花を咲かすを、という趣旨でしたが残念ながら、S社長は急用でお出かけ。それでもS社長のお心遣いで「歓迎 AMAZON愛好者」の看板に迎えられ、1998年長野オリンピックのポスターの横に「Giro di Karuizawa」のAMAZONが描かれたポスターが掲げられた「熊の湯ホテル」にチェックイン。
素晴らしい”緑色”の硫黄泉を堪能し、美味しい地ビールを浴びるほどいただき、夜の更けるのも忘れてAMAZON談義を楽しみました。16日(日)も明け方まで激しい雨が降り続いていましたが、午前9時過ぎには、それまでの荒天が嘘のような青空が広がり、まさしく秋晴れ。S社長のガレージで秘蔵の愛車やシトロエンDSの珍しい”スプーン状のカギ!!”などを拝見し、さらには、AMAZON用ホイール、エンジンキー、ドアキーなどのプレゼントもいただき、いざ、ツーリングへ出発。まさにツーリング日和で紅葉真っ盛りの志賀高原ルートをAMAZONを連ねて気持ちの良くドライビング。帰りは、軽井沢へ抜けてGiro di KaruizawaのオーガナイザーHさんのお店「ア・ラ・ガール」で”激辛””激旨”カレーを堪能して解散。「・122」AMAZONは、全走行距離600Km余りを走破して夕方には、無事東京に帰還しました。名古屋のGさんも670Kmほど走ったそうで、もちろん石川・和倉のTさんは、もっと走り込んだこととなり、いわば、AMAZONにとっては、ちょっとした「大冒険」でもありました。私の「・122」AMAZONにとっては、なにしろ今週末の21日(金)からは4日間1500kmにわたる「RallyNippon」出場を控えているだけに、絶対に壊してはいけないAMAZONでの”秘湯”熊の湯へGO!!でしたが、無事に走破。ただ、週間天気予報によると、「RallyNippon」の来週末も雨模様とのことで、いささか憂鬱な1週間のはじまりとなりそうです。
A touring trip of 6 Volvo Amazons to Kumanoyu Spa was held over the weekend - 15th to 16th. The 6 Amazons included cars from Ishikawa, Nagoya, Gunma, Sagami & Shinagawa and they all drove out to Kumanoyu sap in Nagano prefecture to meet an Amazon 123GT. Saturday started off with rain as the 6 cars made their seperate way to Shinshu Nakano IC - just like the Monte Carlo rally in the old days. The initial goal was to go see Mr. S and his Amazon 123GT, but unfortunately, Mr. S was called away on sudden business. However, when we arrived at the Kumanoyu Hotel, we were welcomed by a "Welcome Amazon aficionados" sign along with a poster from Giro di Karuizawa hung next to a 1998 Nagano Olympic poster. We sunk ourselves in a green colored sulphur hot spring, drank tons of local beer and enjoyed our Amazon stories deep into the night. Heavy rain continued into the night, but at 9am, the skies cleared up for a beautiful fall day. Mr. S. showed us his car collection including a Citroen DS with a rare "spoon" key. We were presented with wheels and keys for our Amazons and off we started for another day of touring. The day was meant for touring with the autumn foliage already starting to turn bright red. We drove into Karuizawa to have some "hot" curry at the Giro di Karuizawa's organizer's curry shop and then called it a day to drive back to where we all started from. After the 600km drive, my Amazon made it safely back to Tokyo. Mr. G from Nagoya drove 670km and Mr. T from Ishikawa had a even longer drive. For all the Amazons, the touring was a bit of an adventure. For myself, I was a bit worried as Rally Nippon will start at the end of the week, but was relieved to come back with no mechanical problems. But when I looked at the weather report, it looked like it will start to rain again towards the end of the week.
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