再び AMAZONとのカーライフを楽しむこととなったSUNAと仲間達の日々。
40年、50年、そして60年へとVOLVO AMAZONと共に辿るTime Trip。

初顔合わせ TACC例会


On Saturday Feb 4th, I drove out to the parking lot in Yumenoshima for an off site meeting of TACC. This was the first time this year that I met my classic car friends, but even though the skies were blue, the cold front kept many of our friends indoors and there were only a scattering of cars in the parking lot. I took my .122 Amazon out from hibernation in it's underground lair into the sun and it seemed to feel that it was slightly too bright. It was worth the drive with a new friend waiting in the lot. Mr. M had bought a bright and shiny Cedric GT-R (1970). It used to be the flagship of Japanese cars around that time with what was thought to be the most luxurious interior - cloth lined panels and seats. If this was an imported brand, it would be leather interior, but being a domestic brand, the height of luxury at that time was cloth. The "manual" side mirror were controled by wire. I was able to meet the regulars - the FIAT 800 Spider, Mini Cooper, Jaguar, .122 Amazon and PV544. We discussed what we wanted to do this year and had fun as usual. I was surprised to find out that this year, there are a lot of old car event - generally domestic cars are the main attraction. With the new version of the movie "Sunset on 3rd street" coming out, perhaps nostalgia for these cars is growing. I am starting to think of going to some of these events this year. For those of you who are interested, this HP has a real good compilation of the events coming up this year.

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