再び AMAZONとのカーライフを楽しむこととなったSUNAと仲間達の日々。
40年、50年、そして60年へとVOLVO AMAZONと共に辿るTime Trip。


090705ラストコート.jpg>090704AZ錆処理後3.jpgAMAZON錆 006.jpg090704AZ錆処理後.jpg
With the engine lifted out, I took this opportunity to take a good look inside the front grill and inside of the body. I was up for another surprise. The botttom of the front grill had gotten to the point where you could see the ground from the inside. I don't have enough to go thru a thorough body repair like Mr.O but neither could I just leave it alone. I ran off to the closest Autobacs and bought all the Holtz Rustcoat (Yen 1344) I could get my hands on. According to the leaflet inside, a spray of this was supposed to change red rust into black rust so I sprayed on and lo and behold, the red thing started to turn black. I know this is all temporary but I also sprayed floor of the driver and passenger seat, under the spare tire in the trunk, under the battery and all over the place. I attached the photo of the spare tire space before and after I sprayed Holtz on it. I'm not that sure how long this will last but I get the feeling my battle with rust will continue. My .122 is like a patient with cancer and al I can do for the time being is to keep it on antibiotics.
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